Rock’n’roll legend – Wayne Hussey – will be playing an intimate solo show at the Black Market, Hastings on 1st September.

Touring in support of his recent autobiography ‘Salad Daze’, Wayne will be spinning tales and performing tunes from his days as frontman of The Mission, as gunslinger for The Sisters Of Mercy and Dead Or Alive, and from decades touring the world with The Cure, Gary Numan, Iggy Pop and more.

Born in Bristol and raised as a Mormon, Wayne had his epiphany as a young boy watching Marc Bolan and T. Rex on Top Of The Pops. Seeing his destiny in a blinding flash of glitter, mascara and dark curls, he decided he was going to be a rock star too. Later, leaving Bristol to move to Liverpool – home of his beloved Liverpool Football Club and birthplace his favourite band, The Beatles – it wasn’t long before Wayne surrendered to excess and debauchery as he gained international recognition and notoriety as lead singer and principal songwriter in The Mission, after previously being guitarist with The Sisters Of Mercy, Dead Or Alive, and a member of Pauline Murray’s Invisible Girls.

The Salad Daze Tour will see Wayne opening up about his childhood, his life in The Mission and everything in between. Explaining why 2019 was finally the time to tell his story, Wayne says:

“I’d recorded seven albums in eight years, and by the time we’d finished the last Mission album in 2016 I felt creatively exhausted and needed to do something else for a while. I’d been approached about writing an autobiography but always felt I’d rather make music than write a book. With my 60th birthday fast approaching it just felt like the right time to sit down and recall my life. It’s a strange thing, writing about yourself. There’s a certain conceit involved, that your life warrants recording and might be of interest to someone else, and it took me a while to come to terms with that premise. But once I did I thoroughly enjoyed the process.”

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