Mo El-Kadey is a British-Egyptian Abstract Expressionist Painter and a proud Anglophile, now based in St Leonards-on-Sea. As a child Mo developed a powerful desire to communicate and tell stories through artwork, partly through observing his uncle, Samah Saied, a renowned Impressionist. He says:

“Growing up surrounded by the family textile business continues to influence my choice of vivid colours which represent a vibrant mix of lights, shapes and forms that create a painting of pure thought and emotions in reflection.”

My Lockdown to Social Distancing Timeline – a Reflection on One’s Life

Mo’s early preference for artistry was temporarily side-lined however. He studied Business Administration before moving to London in 2007, where, through an interest in the detail of biomechanics, muscle development and other such aspects of the human body, he went on to study Personal Fitness and Training.

What Happened at Kerri-Luke’s

After 14 years of sales and marketing experience from working in competitive industries, Mo’s desire to paint and to be recognised as a serious painter re-emerged. He set aside a successful professional business career and focused on his ideas about the transformation of storytelling through the media of painting and poetry.

Mo has a relentless energy and drive to achieve. His works are remarkable for their honesty: even if swirled through vibrant colours and geometric abstraction, the scenes depicted are true to life and true expressions of Mo’s experiences and worldview.  The paintings do not represent proud conquests, but rather moments of reality, and sometimes vulnerability. Taking lyrical inspiration from such figures as Tom Waits and Alex Turner, Mo joins that class of artists exploring the turmoil of the human soul or core. 

The Season of the Deer Hunt

We look forward to him following up on his London exhibitions with some local shows in Hastings and St Leonards, Covid-permitting. 

For more information visit: Instagram @themomanshow and Facebook @themomanshow

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