The Stables Studio newsletter has adapted to the lockdown with all the grace and imagination that is characteristic of everything that the artists at Fairlight do. Photographs of them at work in their beautiful environment where town recedes and earth and sky meet, recall the many lovely hours one has spent there and enhancement of understanding which the artists enable through their receptivity and readiness to make accessible their work and practice.

Sarah Palmer’s images express this perfectly with details of the ceramics, photos of her at the kiln, or holding up pieces in evident delight, plus a hypnotic video of her demonstrating her spiral wedging technique, all delicately referring to the qualities we remember from our analogue experience. They reconnect us with her work and show too how her luminous palette and exquisite delicacy of organic abstraction continue to evolve.

Sally Cole’s planned show at Rye Art Gallery can now be seen online at the gallery, but also on her own website (easily accessed through the app ‘Exhibbit’). Sally travels between Wales and New Zealand, but travels exponentially in terms of the power of her work. She has always been sensitive to the energetic qualities of landscape, but in her latest show she has not only internalised these energies, but delivered them unflinchingly in a perfect integration of abstraction and expression. Her portrayal of storms, for example in Welsh Morning, Ngaru, Piha Sounds, project one into their crackling vitality and immutable force with instant effect.

I found using the Exhibbit app took only a few minutes to get used to and is a lovely spaced way of viewing the images,  that gives lots of options for clarity and in detail. It definitely prefers Firefox or Chrome though as a browser. Has anyone any other experience of online gallery apps to share?

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Denise Lancaster has adapted her Carbon Framing studio for distancing and can now be contacted for framing. Find her at:

Find Sally’s show Embodied Land at
Find Sarah Palmer at: and Stables Studios on Facebook

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