Pebbles of Life

Dave Hempshall

 Written while co-facilitating

Poetry for Recovery course

for Hastings Recovery College

Pebbles of life move.

Shifting brown and grey.

Gulls transcend, lifting, preying

Struck dumb by growling wind.

The sinking sun creates

Zinc light.

Jet surf contrasting

Forbidden, inviting.

Pebbles of life move.

Crunching, crushing.

Hiss, broiling.

White mares urgent

Crashing, pulling


Pebbles of life move.


Carole Segal

It’s only a story

So don’t get upset

It’s only a story

It’s not over yet

It’s only a story

It’s not what it seems

It’s only a story

It’s only a dream

It’s only a story

It’s yours to re-write

You’ll get some of it wrong

You’ll get some of it right

It’s only a story

Whatever you feel

It’s only a story

It isn’t that real

Just one little story

Close the book, then

Put it back on the shelf

You won’t see it again

Just one amongst many

It’s huge and it’s small

It’s only a story

One story, that’s all

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