Currently showing at the Hastings Arts forum is an exhibition running under the title New Bohemians. Photographer/Curator Ian O’Leary explains the thinking behind it.

I’ve put together this exhibition that involves over 30 local creatives, artists, actors, and artisans that I have photographed over the last two years. I started this project after moving to Saint Leonards in 2019. I had not
quite realised that it would be impossible to complete. It is a collection of creators I stumbled upon, either by personal introduction or through their work. 

Radiator Arts by Ian O’Leary

My portraits are exhibited along side the work of my fellow contributors, photo-graphed mostly in their working environments. It will I think provide an insight into the talent that we are so lucky to have in Hastings and Saint Leonards.

Why did I call it New Bohemians? This is partly a nod to Bohemia Road, a quietly forgotten area of Saint Leonards. It’s also a reference to Jonathan Meades’ documentary “In Search of Bohemia” (you can find it on YouTube). Mainly it’s about a strange and unlikely area on the south coast of England that somehow seems to work as magnet for a host of wonderful, creative people, who rub along with each other, but perhaps don’t really fit in anywhere else. 

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