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Preview by Simone Witney

Everything points to this being a hugely exciting performance. Luke Morgan reads Crime and Punishment every January and his passion is clearly shared by the rest of the cast. Together with Yvette Pique, the designer, Morgan has created a dramatically minimalist production in which 44 characters are played by 10 actors, each carrying a lantern, which is virtually all the lighting and a clever device to suggest the c. nineteenth-century atmosphere. Galway brothers Luke and Jake are a director–composer partnership and it’s easy to see in the professionalism of their promotional material reflections of their success in the film industry. I asked Luke how a 700-page novel could be treated in a drama of 1 hour, 45 minutes:  ‘We focus on Raskolnikov and Sonya and the intrinsic idea of redemption – is there hope for this in the light of the crimes he has committed?’

Raskolnikov commits two crimes: one he has planned; the other ‘collateral damage’, the result of a moment’s panic. His dreams of a guilt-free crime are shattered. The play shows Raskolnivkov trying to create a life in its aftermath through his love for Sonya. His struggles engage us in a powerful ethical debate: What are the criteria for justifying individual action beyond law and convention? What is the role of intention? If a crime is committed by accident, is it any less heinous? Are there circumstances in which consequences pale into insignificance? Sonya embodies Raskolnikov’s redemption, someone for whom he can begin to hope once he has confronted responsibility, but we witness the effect that the committal of extreme violence can have on personal relationships. Yet, while I’m told, these monumental themes are laced with song, don’t expect a musical, but rather instead something strange and compelling from this innovative company.

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