By Laurie Taylor.

 There was a spellbinding treat, for children and adults alike, at the Stables, when Brian Moses, the popular children’s poet, teamed up with Ed Boxall. Boxall is a highly accomplished illustrator and poet, an excellent guitarist and singer. He designs, illustrates and self-publishes his poetry books..a true Renaissance man!

He opened the show, asking the audience to: “help me out by making sound effects”, this included moaning, hysterical laughter and the sound of zip wire.!.The full auditorium responded enthusiastically.

Boxall says that his poems often “celebrate friendships, friendships that can transcend cosmetic differences” and the poems, ‘Knock on the Door‘ and ‘Me and My Alien Friend’ exemplified this perfectly. This was followed by: ’Under The Bed’, where there is a pile of old clothes, toenail clippings, rotten clothes and “gossiping old socks complain, about the great tidy up that will soon come again! ”

Boxall can be reflective: “in the broadest sense, it’s about stopping for a moment and getting off the hurtling speed of life, pausing with yourself and all the possibilities of the universe”

The highlight of Boxall’s programme, was when he sat in the centre of the stage, with his “low tech magic lantern show”, projecting marvellous illustrations on the back wall, to his soulful poem “the dolphins keep me safe in my dreams”:

Brian Moses, the popular children’s poet, whose latest book, Lost Magic, is a collection of his favourite one hundred poems was next. Ed immediately set a different, darker tone, chanting a poem about a bully, returning to terrorize his school. Brian banged out an insistent heartbeat,on his hand drum, chanting “he’s coming back, he’s coming back, he’s coming back!”

Moses then tells his thrilled audience:”two of the most important words for a writer are: “what if?

“I had a ‘what if’ moment with my own personal shopping trolley: “never say sorry, never say please, when you run the trolley into the back of peoples knees!”

As well as the ghostly, scary poems, he performs playful poems, like the rap song,’ I want to release the hidden monkey in me’ when he had the entire audience singing gleefully,”I wanna go ape!” Then there are teasing poems,”does anybody like kissing? If you don’t like it now, you will soon!”

While everyone is catching their breath, Moses playfully asks,”can I do the really scary one now?” His drums introduce us to his famous ssssssnake hotel! All the children delightfully chant ssssssnake hotel, while Brian clambers amongst them with his drum, frightening as many people as he can!

Brian’s moving Lost Magic poem, laments a beauty that has been destroyed: “today I found some lost magic, a twisted horn of a unicorn lying at my feet…..I remembered that you could always find unicorns, but there are none now. They would lead you through forests, and if you lost them, or they lost you, you could always find them again, but there are no more unicorns.”

He continues this theme with the moving poem ” Names”.

My name is ‘I couldn’t care less’, I can’t be bothered. Who cares about holes in the sky.?

My name is I am too busy, even if the ice caps are melting…. Stop telling me what to think.

Just listen, or you will be sorry”.

They finish with an upbeat musical version of’ taking an iguana for a walk’, along the beach, on the end of a leash, with an enthusiastic audience singing the chorus and bouncing happily in their seats !

This show was certainly a rare gem of lost magic!

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