Go down an alley off the main George Street drag and you’ll stumble into West Street, which now has its own book and Instagram space (George Street may have the footfall but has it got a social media page? Probably). On West Street you’ll find a gallery, a Dirty Old Gallery in what probably used to be a workshop, and what definitely used to be Hawthorn Books. Usually open on weekends only, the DOG is a brilliant exhibition space that not only plays host to many noteworthy local artists but also acts as conduit to those artists’ worlds. Newly arrived painter in town? Used to do ad work in London? Well, walk in anywhere really, but the Dirty Old Gallery is a particularly good anywhere to walk into if you want to find people.

Last weekend they opened their latest show of works Known and Unknown, found art (found and sometimes bought paintings) carefully curated and up for sale. Favourites included a painting of card players with winning expressions, a ship crashing into Brighton Pavilion, and two Catholic-looking glass paintings that do an excellent job of explaining why everyone laughs at the Church except the Church. And Betsy. Look on the Instagram to see her but she’s much more powerful in the flesh. The Known and Unknown collections (there will be more) may even be documented in a book, probably published by the amazing Silverhill Press, to chronicle them for the ages. Keep a lookout! 

Known and Unknown will be showing at the Dirty Old Gallery on West Street on weekends until the 25th. @thedirtyoldgallery @kwn_and_unkwn

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