Merlin Betts considers Pamela Kirkwood’s opening exhibition. 

From 23rd-30th March, Pamela held her first show at St Leonard’s Horse and Groom. Pamela is an abstract artist whose recent works have been created using acrylic pouring, earning them the moniker: “fluid art”. The results of this colour-blending process seem strangely natural, like mineral formations in geodes, or pictures of distant galaxies. Their intrinsic suggestions of expanse worked well with the large and open back room at the Horse and Groom, a space which is apparently no easy task to fill.

As with old and twisted trees or clouds, Pamela’s work encourages viewers to form their own images from the mass and add personal narratives to the expanse of detail laid out before them. Her pieces were not given titles, but rather accompanied by a philosophical explanation of the abstract’s place in the world. She wrote “it is sometimes necessary to take a step back from the inner workings of convention and create time to appreciate how beautiful the world is, has always been and always will be.” Her art gives its audience
a moment of pause to attain this ‘quantum’ perspective, a sometimes enlightening distance from everyday physical troubles and worries.

• More of Pamela’s Art can be found on instagram @quantummoods and
Facebook @quantummoods

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