Renee So and Mikhail Karikis have taken up the DLWP’s two substantial exhibition spaces until early January 2020. While continuing to integrate thematically with the DLWP’s broader Bauhaus celebration, these two exhibitions focus more keenly on themes of experimentation, investigation and the amazing ways in which care is given, or not provided. 

Renee’s show Ancient and Modern focuses on ceramics and weaving, employing everyday materials to create distinctive new work. The crushing boot of patriarchy and domination appears frequently in Renee’s creations, but is subverted to develop more hopeful or even comical symbolism. Old methods of working clay and fabric are tested and reimagined to create her ceramic figures and images on tiles and fabric reminiscent of large canvasses. A number of visual cues take us back to Ancient Egypt and its hieroglyphics: the colour palette, the shape of bodies, the unexpected body parts.    

Upstairs, Mikhail has transformed the exhibition space into something that is half cinema and half spacious gallery. The installation has been developed with carers and non-verbal people who use studio space at the wonderful Project Art Works, and will be able to comfortably host parties of people with complex needs. It contains several screens showing moments of understanding between carers (a family member or not) and those they support, all of whom are non-verbal. The act of ‘listening’ is given an entirely new meaning. 

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