See Spray Gallery, Hastings.

Eden Kotting shows a range of vivid drawings, some that playfully jam with iconic song lyrics, poignant small table sculptures and two short animations ‘Dog ate Dog’ and ‘Forgotten the Queen’, both collaborations with her father, celebrated film director, Andrew Kotting. 

Eden has been working alongside him all her life, and the fabulous body of work they have created together voyages us to all kinds of wondrous observed and vividly imagined realities. They’ve tackled myths, family, history, love, violence, power, beauty, nature, time, death and repetition. Spend some time on their website and feast :

Sarah Lloyd asked Eden for her thoughts on a few things:

What has working with your Dad been like?

Whats your favourite thing about him or about working with him?
Painting and having him help me show people my work and because we have a laugh.

Which film or exhibition of all the things you’ve done together do you like the best? 
I liked the exhibitions at home in Manchester and the one we had at the Towner in Eastbourne and the presentation we did at De La Warr Paviliion as part of the reflecting the lived experience.

Where in the world would you most like to travel to? 
The Pyrenees in France and the swimming in Foix!

What music or films are you enjoying lately? 
Nick Cave – Rag and Bone Man and Van Morrison – Now 101.
The films on DVD of my summer shows with Active Arts and in particular Happy Days 

What is your wish or goal as an artist for 2019? 
More art – More dressing up and more singing.

• Andrew Kotting’s latest and highly-acclaimed film, ‘Lek and the Dogs’ can be seen on the BFI player and on Mubi.

• And “From the way back to the (almost) here and nöw”, Kötting’s early works, will play at
SLIFF celluloid festival at The Black Market VIP this Sunday 27th January 11.00am-11.00pm. 

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