By Benji Thomas

The second lockdown is now in effect, and once again we’re retreating back into our homes to weather the storm. Project 78 is one of the many galleries ordered to close their doors until 2nd December, postponing their current show Beyond The Remparts by artist Clive Garland. 

Garland is an accomplished artist from East Sussex, with work in collections all around the world, even exhibiting in the Tate Britain in central London. His current exhibition at Project 78 typifies his unique visual language – abstract work that employs a hurricane of dynamic and varied mark-making. 

Words like ‘holiday’, ‘suitcase’ and ‘roadtrip’ are starting to seem like a forgotten language to most people. For that reason, the works in Beyond The Remparts, in which Garland knits together the essence of travel and exploration into vibrant sensory explosions, are a delightful culture shock. Happily, subject to further measures of course, Beyond The Remparts will reopen on 3rd December and run for two more weeks. 

According to Garland: “These works evolved from extended visits to the South of France, staying on the only prominent elevation just outside St Paul de Vence, where sounds from the C16 medieval town and its surrounding area reverberate from the fortifications, ebbing and flowing down and around the steep terrace slopes, echoing and discharging into a sonic landscape.”

Sound is the central inspiration for these works, and each mark does seem to vibrate with a different level of energy, signifying a specific component of the cacophonous soundscape that Garland encountered in the South of France: “Doors slamming, low radios, high TVs, Church bells, mopeds, building sites, fireworks, concerts, revving cars, helicopters, voices, footsteps, water fountains, rain, wind, thunder…”

Against the backdrop of our current circumstances, these works have become visual compilations of everything we collectively miss. Seeing new places, forging new memories with loved ones, connecting with the world beyond our own immediate surroundings. Even the title, Beyond The Remparts [French for ‘ramparts’], takes on new meaning, as we longingly gaze from the windows of our own fortified little castles.

Make sure to add Project 78 and Beyond The Remparts to your post-lockdown must-see list. You can find the press release at

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