Luke Brabants and Tom Bartlett joint art show
4th October to 31st October 2019 • Private View 4th October 6pm – 9pm
See Spray Gallery, 153-154 Queens Road, Hastings

Luke Brabants is one of the most recognisable artists in the UK. You see his work on the coolest vehicles on the road. You know when you’re on the motorway and you drive past a van with the most amazing custom paint job? …that’s probably Luke’s work. Stunning, vivid and photorealistic images of nature, using fast moving chunks of metal as a canvas. Now he’s bringing his breathtaking style inside, somewhere where you can get up close and study just how perfect his work is and, no doubt, he’ll also be bringing something new to the table.

Bartlett shot to fame recently with his iconic ‘Mayra’ image which was utilised by the likes of the Prodigy and many other public figures and publications. 

His work is often a comedic poke at ‘the Man’, mixed with puerile images of children’s favourites placed in positions that they should not be in.

This show really will be a clash of styles with the ‘real’ artwork of a master of the spraypaint and the cheeky, yet often poignant, comic ramblings of Bartlett. The pair of artists share a birthday and a love of their job… but that’s about it. This show is going to be a real treat.

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