A rainforest has appeared in St Leonard’s. Artist Lawrence Hosannah tells HIP about the town’s
newest mural

My brother Aaron Hosannah and I were commissioned to create a large-scale mural in the Kings road passageway that connects London Road to Kings Road. We are pretty well travelled and have created murals and other works of art in places such as New York, Sierra Leone, Zanzibar and beyond. My brother, a well-known local muralist and community activist, and I approached Stephen Burton the owner of the Drug Store on Kings Road about recreating a full-scale rainforest on the side of his business, Stephen liked the idea and funded the mural.

PICTURE: Lawrence Hosannah

Coming from a rich Guyanese heritage we thought, how incredible it would be to recreate the feeling of being deep in rainforests like the ones found in countries like Guyana, Brazil and Columbia? The Mural, rendered over a week, entirely with spray paint, showcases a waterfall surrounded by the diverse flora and fauna that keep rainforests brimming with life. We also included people living in the rainforest, gathering food, working, observing the wildlife and being fully integrated with the jungle. Our intention is to transport anyone who walks through the walkway deep into the rainforest, to make them part of that ecosystem, to experience what it would be like to live there and to also have a moment of relaxation in their daily travels.

The response from the mural has been incredibly supportive, I would say while we were out there working on it no less than sixty people each day stopped to say how much they loved it, commenting that they now feel safe to walk through the alley, they love the colors, how it beautifies the area and brings smiles to people in the community. Art can inspire a community to push their own talents, revitalise an area and bring in new business… it’s a win win situation. Our aim is to paint even more beautiful commissioned murals throughout the area, bringing awareness to the other ecosystems of the world, as well paint unique and inspiring projects. We seek to build strong partnerships with people who are serious about expanding art in the area.

If you would like to see more of our artwork, have ideas or a projects that you would like create in visual art form we can be contacted at  www.aaronhosannah.com or instagram @myse_creator

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