It’s an exciting and busy season – and year – ahead, for Barefoot Opera. Hot on the heels of a sold out performance of just one act of a new ‘people’s opera’ – Bloom Britannia – earlier this year at the De La Warr Pavilion, Barefoot Opera have kicked off the Autumn with a punchy new look and a new production ‘The Barber of Seville’.

Meanwhile, Bloom Britannia continues to build. Inspired by our very own Hastings and St Leonards, complete with warring councillors, a hen night, clubbers, a street-sweeper, and featuring folk, beat-boxing and a ukulele, this thrilling project will be an opera, but not as you know it. 

People across the generations and from all kinds of backgrounds have already taken part during the first two years of development, as singers and performers, alongside professional opera singers and musicians. Many say they felt ‘proud’, ‘invigorated’ and ‘on a high’ after taking part. 

But founder and director Jenny Miller says Barefoot’s main pre-occupation right now is raising funds to bring Bloom Britannia to full fruition in 2020:

“A small organisation like Barefoot Opera can feel like David gazing at Goliath, as we start the hugely ambitious process of raising money for a dream we believe in, where sung music is social glue, social healing, social well-being. An opera, however unusually set, still requires visual artists, theatre artists, musicians, the lot – it does cost. A community opera needs all of that plus – the community!”

The Barefoot Opera team are on tenterhooks waiting for news from Arts Council England. In the meantime, following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, a new crowd-funding campaign launched on 1st November. Making a donation is as simple as buying your ticket now to see the full production of Bloom Britannia in 2020. Other rewards for donors include autographed copies of the new score, opera performed in your own house, unique artist-designed Bloom Britannia badges, recordings of Orlando Gough’s music and many more. There’s something for everyone…from the fun, to the fantastical, to the glamorous. 

Jenny Miller again: “In these fractured and troubled times, we need projects like Bloom Britannia to bring us together.”

Visit the following link to find out how to donate to the crowd-funding campaign

Also go to for details of how you can take part in Bloom Britannia next year. 

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