A small semi-permanent exhibition entitled Rossettis in Love begins in St. Clement’s Church on Saturday, 26 March at 11 am. It will be opened by Jenny Ridd, author of A Destiny Defined: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal
in Hastings. Illustrated panels tell the love story of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal, and that of Christina Rossetti and Charles Cayley who is buried in Hastings cemetery. Wallpaper and a surprise item from 5, High Street dating from the time of D G Rossetti’s visit will also be on display. 


Trafalgar Entertainment which runs Hastings’ White Rock Theatre has announced a new partnership with Imagine
Theatre – one of the UK’s biggest pantomime providers.

Under the arrangement, Imagine Theatre will produce pantomimes in five of TE’s regional venues this Christmas including Hastings. The announcement says: “Building on a legacy of family entertainment stretching back over 25 years, the Imagine Theatre team – led by Steve Boden and Sarah Boden supported by an amazing team of professionals – facilitate productions in more than 50 venues across the UK. Alongside this new partnership. Imagine Theatre continue to produce an additional 17 pantomimes across the UK”.

Their first production in Hastings is due to be Beauty and the Beast.


The ever enigmatic Zuzushii Art Laboratory has a new exhibition of mixed media collage by Fumico Azuma and Tim Can, loosely based on the use of the written within visual art. They warn ‘don‘t forget to bring your glasses’. Zuzushi bills itself as the creative zone of Fumico and Tim. It began in Barcelona before moving to Berlin and then to Hastings. Their website offers this philosophy: “There is no hard line, there are deviations, though it must be said that the bulk of what we make and do comes from what we find. It started out that way because finding was cheaper than buying, but now it’s become much more than that”.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 17 April 


The Dirty old Gallery (DOG) is running a collection of works from multiple artists from the Hastings Arts Club until 27 March. It goes under the title It’s Life and Life only, but other information about the show is decidedly minimalist.

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