New year, new you – we asked some of the Arts pages’ contributors and pals how they hope to kick off 2019 

Sarah Gomes Harris, animator, art director, screenwriter:
To draw more with less purpose

Gail Borrow, writer, actor, director @ExploreArch:
To find the time to revisit exhibitions, rather than just view them once.

David Francis, poet and musician: 
Do a daily doodle. Learn how to perform. Classical music live performances – the final frontier! 

Neil Del Strother, writer:
Watch more low budget, independent films that are not from the USA. I also plan to read more books and avoid the news!

Tazina Frank, singer and songwriter:I think ‘to nurture my own creativity’ pretty much sums it up!

Tim B’vard, compere @bavardbar:
‘To raise the bar even higher at the Bavard Bar!’

Chantelle Duncan, singer @chantelledmusic:
Unfortunately in this climate, it’s not enough just to sing – so my resolution is to learn more about the business side of the arts/music industry. Other than that, it’s to do more pottery!

Luciana Haill, digital artist @st_victoriana:
Create more AR (Augmented Reality) artworks – I’ve had a lot of requests to create an apparition for the old Hastings Cricket Ground (now Priory Meadow). Also to create more art investigations from monitoring brainwaves!

Matthew Waterhouse, actor and writer @minettalane:
To read the complete works of Henry James – every word, in order, from beginning to end! 

Lucy Pappas, singer, actor, life coach:
This year, I resolve to put plans into action. No more thinking and more doing, whether it’s drama workshops, booking more gigs, being consistent with my blog or finishing my book. 2019 is the time! 

John Knowles, actor, writer, director:
Launch Theatre Network, a new charity to support the development of independent theatre in Hastings. Also – to premiere two new plays and take five of my shows to Edinburgh!

Andrew Myers, HIP Arts co-editor:
Do more drawing and pass my Grade 6 piano exam!

Jane Gordon, Artistic Director, Hastings Early Music Festival:
Let go of the seriousness and perfectionism that can dominate classical musicians and have more fun on stage.

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