AltPitch festival is dedicated to exploring the relationship between the digital world and humanity, and the responsibilities that come with our technological expansion. A week of exciting performances and supporting events will provoke thought and debate, bring together creatives and innovators, question our daily use of technology, and will ultimately help the audience to find their own answers.

You can enjoy the main programme of the AltPitch festival for a discounted price with the Main Festival Ticket. It costs £30 and includes our three big shows – #echochamber, WHIST and Beyond Belief. 

The Bavard Bar
18th March, 7.30pm,

Much-loved in Hastings and Eastbourne, the Bavard Bar is making a special entry at the AltPitch Festival. Come and hear three regular people share their passions for about 15 minutes each. Revel in the delights of audience wild cards, including the KP Lite challenge, Oojah Kappivvy and Bohemia Road. The main subjects are kept secret until the night – shhhh! 

The Platform
20th March, 10.00am-5.00pm
Station Plaza, East Sussex College

The Platform is a collaborative partnership between Sussex-based digital and creative businesses and the art and performance practitioners. The inaugural Platform conference will present several high-profile speakers and interactive workshops for the participants who are interested in integrating creativity and innovation. 

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The Female Planet
26th-28th March, 10.00am-5.00pm
Hastings Library, Free Entry

This VR documentary series introduces female role models who are breaking barriers and helping make the world a better place for all of us. Each episode features a different leader who focuses her career on roles that empower women, such as Tiera Fletcher, a NASA engineer, or Golden Globe-winning actor Gina Rodriguez.   

27th March, 7.00pm Q&A/8.00pm performance
St Mary in the Castle

#Echochamber is an Anglo-Icelandic opera about sexism and shaming on social media, from the music theatre group Aequitas Collective in collaboration with Folk Opera Iceland. The audience can impact the performance directly through the live Twitter feed on stage.

28th March, 12.00pm-9.00pm
St Mary in the Castle,
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This mesmerising hour-long experience merges Physical Theatre, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, in an environment that blurs the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and fiction, the physical and the virtual. Through art and 3D sound installation coupled with cinematic and interactive 360° film, viewers will be immersed in a surreal world of unfolding dreams and fears.

Beyond Belief
29th March, 6.00pm
St Mary in the Castle

What would happen if you could live forever? If you could bring your loved one back to life and resurrect their digital soul? Beyond Belief is a powerful and moving journey into the unnerving future of life and death in our social media obsessed, technology-blinkered society. From the award-winning Tmesis Theatre, Liverpool.

26th-28th March, 10.00am-5.00pm
Hastings Library, Free Entry

Stepping into the imagined study of Francis Galton, the viewer will explore a VR world and fantasy collection of specimens and will be asked to make their own selections, facing uncomfortable questions about what we value and what we discard. VR installation by the Hastings-based artist and curator Esther Fox.

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