The 20th Century seems to feature prominently in the Stables spring programme with two new plays and a revival all set in the last century. The Seventh Swimmer and Here at Last is Love both have gay themes while Dial M for Murder is about … well, murder. The famous 1954 Hitchcock film with Ray Milland and Grace Kelly has rather overshadowed the earlier television and stage drama by British playwright Frederick Knott. It’s this original version that is being revived at the Stables theatre. Assistant Director Hugo Trebels told HIP: “It’s delightfully old school, a classic ‘whodunit’, that I suppose you could term a gentle play about murder.”

CREDIT: Peter Mould

Trebels believes that post-Covid audiences coming back to the theatre need something a bit familiar and Dial M will provide just that. As the Stables says, “the cast will lead you through the murderous mind games of a jealous husband. Things are never really what they seem and you will need to keep your wits about you… especially as our Chief Inspector appears to be smarter than you think.” Dial M for Murder is directed by Adrian Bowd in a cast lead by Matt Turpin in as Tony Wendice. His wife Sheila is played by Britney Rae. Lee Lyons plays the former lover Max Halliday and Michael Wilson is the shrewd Chief Inspector Hubbard. The role of Captain Lesgate is shared between Martin Rich and Hugo Trebels and Ian Saxon is Thompson. 

Dial M for Murder is at the Stables Theatre from April 1 to 9. (April 3 is a matinee with no evening performance and there’s no show on April 4).

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