I was talking to a friend in none other than the dearly loved or hated Wetherspoons in town, the conversation turned to our favourite foods… My favourite food, hands down is chips. Make mine a large bag of hot salted chips slathered with vinegar and some fresh mayo on the side and I will marry you on the spot. As extreme as it may seem, people have married for far less than the deliciousness that is a well, cooked chip. So far gone was I in imagining the delightful straw of fried potato, that I completely forgot his answer to the question.

Having heartedly, and by no means heatedly, thrashed out my chip loving ways, I discovered a new “favourite” food. Which is almost any rice based food, from curries to kedgerees, paella to risotto, it is rice that is the mainstay of the food I love, and no more so when it is presented to me as a pudding!

Oh yes, the white lumpy goo (that makes you either dry heave or lick your lips in anticipation, depending on your formative memories) is the ‘new’ old dish of choice. A bit like calling a newborn baby Maude or Ernest, the old skool is back and it’s more delicious than ever. So dust off your Delia cookbooks, we’re in for a nostalgic ride.

A ‘quick’ rice pudding
(serves 4)
■ 50g pudding rice
■ 800ml milk
■1-2 tablespoons
of caster sugar

Optional flavours
■ Nutmeg
■ Cinnamon
■ A glug of cream
■ Fig jam or any fruit preserve


1. Put the pudding rice, milk and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil

2. Once boiling turn the heat down, pop on a lid and let it simmer for 35-40 mins. Keep checking and giving the rice a stir, so it won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. The pudding is ready when it develops the consistency of thick porridge.

3. Now for the flavours, if you like it old fashioned, grate some nutmeg over the rice pudding as it cooks, similarly if you want a Christmas-y twist, add cinnamon, but if like me you want to be bolder in your pudding flavour choices, I stirred in some fig jam, and added a slice on top to turn the pudding into a desert.