Sunny, bright and cold days are perfect for enjoying the delights of warm salads, you get to imagine it is summer whilst trying to navigate your utensil use under layers of jumpers. My favourite warm salad is made with smoked salmon and what ever else you can find in the fridge. 

This salad in particular came about by a (un) happy coincidence of no readily available food to be had other than an old tin of mixed beans that had been sat at the back at the cupboard awaiting the end of time with a stoicism that one expects from tinned goods, a wilting lettuce and some smoked salmon on it’s last best before date. Armed with only an onion, a chilli and some capers I managed to make a delicious treat that will now be paraded around dinner parties and the like until my next discovery. You could add some boiled potatoes to it and make it a posh salade niçoise but it’s very enjoyable with out. Plus you get to be smug as the carbohydrates are all of the pulse variety and therefore ‘healthy’.

Smoked Salmon Salad picture credit: Zoya Mathison
Smoked Salmon Salad picture credit: Zoya Mathison


1 x can of mixed beans in water

1 x onion roughly chopped

1 x chilli pepper

1 x small lettuce

1 x tsp of capers

1 x glug of olive oil/or any vegetable oil you like to use

A handful of smoked salmon to lie on top of the beans

Salad dressing to taste – I used extra virgin olive oil,

a glug of lemon juice and salt and pepper.


  • Chop the onions finely and pop into a pan of hot oil, allow to soften
  • Drain the beans and rinse them under some cold water, then add them to the pan with the chili and capers, let everything warm through on a low heat
  • Meanwhile wash the lettuce and tear into pieces, arrange on the plate
  • Cut the smoked salmon into strips and leave on the side
  • Once the bean, caper, chilli and onion mixture is heated up take off the heat and pour on top of the lettuce
  • Pour over the salad dressing and then sprinkle the smoked salmon on top. Finally add a little cracked black pepper and there you have it. Enjoy!