The Big Conversation – We are all going to die

Who in Hastings would want to head out for an evening with strangers to
talk about death ?

Increasingly there are a growing band of folks who are doing just that and
proving that Hastings locals are willing to have the Big Conversation. Oh
and the strangers have become friends.

The Death Cafe movement is growing in popularity across the globe, after
Jon Underwod and Sue Barksy Reid started one in Hackney, based on the work
of Bernard Crettaz.

The model is one of group directed discussion and it works – no deathly
silences. There is no agenda, hierarchy, charge or themes. It is not grief
or bereavement counselling and at the the last two cafes there has been a
huge amount of humour in evidence.

People turn up, eat cake, have a beer, cuppa or glass of wine and talk
about death. What’s not to like ?

The aim, according to, is to increase awareness of death with
a view to helping people make the most of their finite lives.

The first two have been popular, inspiring, funny and life enhancing. Come
and join the Big Conversation at the third cafe.

This coincides with Dying Matters Awareness Week, from 9 -15 May where
events are being held to get people talking more openly about death and
dying (

Hastings Death Cafe at The Love Cafe, Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea 6-8pm
Thursday 12 May.

Booking required via