We’re so lucky to have fresh, quality, sustainable fish right on our doorstep. Share with us your tips for buying, preparing and cooking Hastings fish, and win yourself one of five pairs of free tickets to the Midsummer Fish Festival.

Hastings has one of Britain’s oldest fishing fleets. Boats have worked from the shingle beach known as the Stade (an old Saxon word for ‘landing place’) for over a thousand years. Today the fleet is made up of over 25 under 10 metre boats, making it Europe’s largest beach-launched fishing fleet. Hastings has always been a sustainable fishery, and traditional netting techniques are still used.

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When the boats come ashore, usually in late morning, they are winched up the beach and the fish are unloaded into boxes and taken to the Fishmarket, where they are sold wholesale. Cod, plaice, mackerel, dab, gurnard, scallops, sea bass, John Dory, turbot, herring, lemon sole, Dover sole, sprats and cuttlefish are landed here, among many others.

Credit HBC

credit HBC

Much of our fish is sold outside of Hastings, and even outside of the UK. So we at HIP want to celebrate it right here in Hastings. Where do you buy your fish, and what do you do with it? Send us your tips, recipes and photos to food@hastingsindependentpress.co.uk by Tuesday 27 June, and we’ll print our favourite ones in our next issue. Five people will win a pair of tickets to the Midsummer Fish Festival on 8 and 9 July, and an overall winner will be interviewed for the Food Section.

Good luck!